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About Paul Hamill

Paul Hamill lives his work, which also happens to be his passion. As Creative Director at Martis Camp, Paul pushes himself to see the world of Tahoe through a fresh set of eyes and a well-worn viewfinder. He’s spent 25 years as a graphic designer, art director and creative director with major ad agencies. Perhaps most significantly, however, is that Paul is a local resident, has been for 19 years. That gives him the advantage of knowing how shadows swing from one week to the next, how this morning’s clouds will influence this evening’s sunset and where those rarely seen patches of all-natural perfection can be found.

“My formal trainings and experience as a designer have tremendously influenced my photography skills, but my landscape images develop far more from the heart than any books or software,” said Hamill, whose captures are primarily for his own pleasure. “I’m that guy in the Subaru rubbernecking rivers and meadows from the slow lanes of Lake Tahoe. My apologies.” As many owners of Paul’s works would agree, those apologies are easily overseen.

In his photographic walkabouts, Paul carries with him an emotional and spiritual connection to his content. “I strive to make images that convey a feeling, a story, a sense of being there. That’s what I’m truly hoping to capture. The Creator did all the heavy lifting. If I happen to be in the right spot at the right time and push the right buttons, then I might get lucky enough to capture the kind of magic that fits nicely on the wall, as well as in the mind.”


Email - phamill49@gmail.com

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